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Want to try authentic Chinese Medicine?

Yakusekikabo Kofukuyakkyoku , located on the 4th floor of the Imperial Hotel Plaza, offers traditional Chinese medicine (or Kanpo) specially blended for you based on your personal health condition that a professional DTCM (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine) determines through over a 30 minute thorough consultation. Medicines are prepared in the forms of teabags to be brewed at home (it takes a few days before you receive them). Infusion service (brewed liquid prepared in separately sealed bags) is optionally available. First call in (or contact info@kofukuyakkyoku.com) for an appointment.

Kanpo is effective for:
- Symptoms hard to be cured by Western medicine.
Allergy, high blood pressure, mental disorders, skin problems, menstrual disorders, cancers, diabetes
Kanpo improves your body constitution and enhances your natural healing power.

- Disorders not considered as a disease by Western medicine.
Fatigue, headache, sleep problems, stiffness,
Kanpo adjusts internal imbalance to get rid of causes of those symptoms.

telephone: 03-3580-0259 or Internet info@kofukuyakkyoku.com
Imperial Hotel Plaza 4F, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011

Prices (Tax exclusive)
DTCM (counselor) Koi (representative) other DTCM (couselor)
Counseling fee
10,000 yen 3,000 yen
Prescription fee 1,000 yen/each order
Medicine price 1,400 yen/day 1,000 yen/day
Infusion service (optional) 300 yen per one day portion (available for medicine for more than 14 days)

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